Posted on Jul 10, 2019

Leena Graham -Empowerment Mentor

This is me!
When I was growing up as an empath and highly sensitive child I found it very confusing when people hide their emotions or acted completely opposite to how they were really feeling.

Slowly i started to close myself to fit what I saw people around me do. I thought, as so many of us, that showing emotions was somehow wrong. I even took it so far that I thought that having them was somehow wrong or not wanted.
Unfortunately, closing up in this way one ends up not only covering those seemingly hard emotions but also hiding all of them, even the nice and easy ones. And I ended up in a big knot, shy, closed up and quite angry!

Fast forward 20 years and started to realise that there was more to life than I had previously seen. The more I opened up to these experiences the more they showed up in my life. And before I knew it I went from a horse trainer to helping people to be more free in their own lives.

As I had experienced how it feels like to be completely stuck in your own body, not to feel yourself under all the fears and pain that you are pushing away subconsciously and how it feels like once you start stopping this and start living as your true self I have a great passion for helping others to be able to do the same!
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